Campaign Story


Grumbles Exiled from his homeland, Egorian, Cheliax, after being booted from the army for rampant gambling and alcohol related incidents. Won passage to Magnimar in a game of cards, then gambled his way up the coast to Riddleport to get away from Chelish influence. Seeks work at the gambling hall as a professional spotter, and plans to increase his pay exponentially by gambling after hours.
Bitchel Researching the Blot, from Korvosa, left after a string of murders down by the docks. Orphan disappearances appeared to be random, but there was evidence of medical testing done on the corpses. Bitchel matches a vague description of said researcher, but feels safe among other robbers and pirates. Also a freelance teacher. Has been staying at the Gold Goblin lately, and will attend the gambling tournament to try and make contacts in town.
Krugeth Was a Chelish slave, won his freedom after fighting in the Arena in Riddleport, now seeks legitimate employment with the casino as a bouncer/spotter.
Eidos Bitchel's roommate, both prospective Cyphermages, seeking contacts in town. They have been roommates for a couple days by the time the game starts, having met while travelling by boat to Riddleport.

Session 1: Cheat the Devil and Take His Gold

Start Date: Wealday (Wednesday), 11th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR

The Heist: The players all show up to the casino as the tournament is getting underway, sign their "contracts", buy their chips and settle in for a day of gambling. Krugeth, Eidos and Bitchel sit together at the same Bounder table for a few rounds of dice. Grumbles decides to try his hand at cards with the Golem table. They all work their way up to the fifth circle, earning the marks of Dis, Erebus and Plegethon, before Eidos is knocked out of the running, awarded a devil's mark, and Grumbles is caught attempting to cheat. Bitchel makes a small profit and Krugeth almost triples his initial buy-in. As the two, Eidos and Grumbles are being escorted out, Grumbles and Krugeth spot a man peeking out of the privy casting a spell off of a scroll. Neither can discern the magic but assume it to be malevolent; Grumbles shouts out a warning and Krugeth dashes from his table to attempt to stop the spell from being cast.
The spell goes off, casting Pyrotechnics, and blinds about half of the casino as Angvar and his thugs start their heist, shouting at everyone to hit the floor and hand over their valuables. The woman, Thuvalia, is quickly put down from a well-placed musket shot to the chest by Grumbles. Angvar rushes past Krugeth, who chases after him, grabs ahold of him from behind and making him drop the scroll of Shrink Item he as carrying, then delivers a powerful knee to the groin which drops the wizard instantly.
Bitchel rushes two of the four thugs, and over the next few rounds drops them with well-placed morning star strikes, while Grumbles jumps on the podium guarding the chest from potential thiefs with his affixed bayonet at the ready. Eidos shoots two arrows into the legs of one of the thugs who falls to the ground immobile, but the other thug manages to rush past the scrabbling guards and escape onto the street.
As the smoke clears the PC's stand victorious over the attempted thieves, Krugeth going around to make sure each is stable with his Sacred Touch, and the guards recover enough to put the thieves in chains and bring them to be interrogated by their staff. Angry patrons demand refunds from Saul who is finally emerging from the vaults, who cashes them out with a small bonus. The party relaxes at the Bounders table, joyfully recounting the fight and drinking a round of ale bought by Krugeth. After a few games Saul approaches the PC's, gives them a reward for their assistance and invites them to his personal office to share wine, heal them, and offer them permanent jobs and partner status at the casino. All four accept; Krugeth gives up his bed at Publican House to move into the offered Guest Suite in the Gold Goblin, and Eidos and Bitchel upgrade to sharing the upstairs Private Apartment.

Oathday (Thursday)
All the PC's plan on doing their work for the casino after supper, putting in their 2-4 hrs a night doing their specified jobs. Grumbles Dealing, Krugeth either performing his spoons act or walking the floor spotting, Bitchel spotting from the floor or intimidating possible troublemakers, and Eidos patrols the walkways with his flying companion searching for cheaters.
Throughout the day;

  • Bitchel heads to the Cypherlodge to get information about the blot.
  • Eidos recovers, and spends the day resting up.
  • Grumbles spends the day making ammo.
  • Krugeth spends the day performing his act for the crowd, makes a couple gold in the process.
  • That night Krugeth calms down an angry crowd demanding refunds who were ready to riot (Awarded xp for CR 1 encounter, bonus to Krugeth for doing so non-violently). Saul gathers them in and gives them what the hired thugs had on them; 50 gp (split 4 ways), a scroll of shrink item (Eidos), and a wand of shocking grasp (6 charges) (Bitchel).

Fireday (Friday)
This is a relatively calm day.

  • Bitchel goes to the Cypherlodge again, but fails to get in with the cyphermages, who still treat her like a backwoods hedge wizard.
  • Eidos flies up on his Eidolon to check out the blot, she sticks her head in to check it out and finds herself short of breath, and a little cold but otherwise no worse for the wear.
  • Grumbles takes a day to gamble at the casino, making himself a few silver.
  • Krugeth works throughout the day performing again.

Starday (Saturday)

  • Bitchel and Eidos spends their day working at the casino
  • Grumbles goes into town to look for somewhere he can sell his black powder. The Riddleport Consignment House will sell it for him, giving him 3.5gp for each dose.
  • Krugeth goes to the Publican House for the day, getting smashed with his brothers in faith.

Snake Attack: Saul brings the party up to the catwalks after dinner, visibly nervous, as he points out a visitor; Clegg Zincher. He believes the man is up to no good, as he is a rival crimelord in the city, and wants the PCs to keep a close eye on him. Eidos and his pet keep an eye on him from the catwalks with Grumbles with his musket ready on overwatch. Krugeth and Bitchel go down to gamble with the man, after several hands of cards Bitchel coming out ahead and Krugeth quite happily buying drinks for everyone in the bar. Zincher asserts he is only there checking out Saul's new projects, and his "new pals" and then leaves giving the dealer and the table 20 gp to split as a tip.
Shortly afterwards as the players debrief an anxious Saul, the cook comes running out of the scullery saying a snake has attacked one of the workers. The party rushes in to help, as the snake slithers around in a large washing bin. Krugeth tumbles past the snake to stabilize the dying worker while Eidos pops off an arrow and Grumbles skewers the snake on his polearm. Grumbles takes the snake back to his apartment to extract the venom, which he does successfully. Eidos realizes that the snake couldn't have gotten in naturally, so Bitchel surveys the area with Detect Magic, finding a lingering aura of illusion, which he follows outside before losing it.
That night as they sleep both Eidos and Bitchel are struck by dreams. Eidos takes 4 hp of damage and is fatigued the next day, after a terrible nightmare of being stuck isolated in freezing space and suffocating wakes him in a terror. Bitchel instead has a dream that he stands upon a red planet, watching a star stream towards Golarion, and he notices that standing next to him is a peculiar dark skinned elf woman, who smirks evilly. (Mike played a plot twist card which partially revealed some answer he has been seeking.)

End Date: Starday night, 14th of Arodus, 4708
Profit Check: +3 = +1 (50 gp donation Krugeth) +1 (Dealing Grumbles) +1 (Performance Krugeth), Fails to improve profit rating.
Profit Rating: Start at -1, remains at -1; Pay cut -2 gp, PC pay is 8 gp for the week.

Player Ending XP Ending Gold
Caleb 970 / 2000 62 gp 13 sp 2 cp
Jean 1015 / 2000 33 gp 9 sp
John 1015 / 2000 16 gp 1 sp
Mike 1015 / 2000 138 gp 5 sp

Session 2: On the Job at the Gold Goblin


  • "Will people stop trying to shoot me in the back!!" - Krugeth after being shot twice, and almost stabbed again by Lymas
  • The creation of the Orphanarium after clearing a violent street gang out of the upstairs apartments.
  • Whittling away at Clegg Zincher's income by bombing his dockside fighting ring during the tidal wave confusion.

Start Date: Sunday Morning, 15th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
The morning begins with Saul paying the PC's their 8 gp for the week. Paid every sunday morning, next profit check will be made on moonday morning.

Player Ending XP Ending Gold Carried Weight
Caleb 2980 / 5000 (lvl 3) 128 gp 13 sp 2 cp 47 lbs
Jean 2465 / 5000 (lvl 3) 103 gp 9 sp 19 lbs
John 2615 / 5000 (lvl 3) 5 gp 0 sp 33 lbs
Mike 2465 / 5000 (lvl 3) 64 gp 5 sp 62 lbs

Still have to divide the loot from Smeed's house, and calculate xp.

Session 3: Raising the Stakes

Start Date: Saturday Evening, 21st of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
Party splits up loot. Total gold after hocking their goods, each player gets 466 gp 4 sp 4 cp

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Sunday, 22nd of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
The morning begins with Saul paying the PC's their 25 gp for the week.
Profitability Check: +1 Samaritha, +1 Grumbles Dealing, +1 Krugeth Spotting, +1 Bitchel Bouncing, +2 Krugeth's Donation of 100 gp, +1 Eidos for Floor Managing (Linguistics Roll); Total: +7 Succeeds, next weeks pay increases to 40 gp.
Bitchel: Spends the day at the Temple Of Gozreh
Grumbles: To the brothel
Krugeth: To the brothel
Eidos: Spends day quietly studying languages.

Monday, 23rd of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
Old fish comes to town, says he'll be opening up his "Catch of the Day"
Bitchel: Talks to Grumbles about his motivations in town.
Grumbles: Crafts alchemical cartridges.
Krugeth: Gets a bottle of good wine and then goes to see Old Fish.
Eidos: Pays the 20 gp to get into the library at the Cypher Lodge. Checks out scrolls to buy.

Tuesday, 24th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
Information relayed by Saul about thursday's highstakes Golem Game.
Bitchel: Picks up good Taldori Wine and Thuvian Tea from Old Fish.
Grumbles: Gets John outfitted in a genie costume; Pink Turban, Orange Pants, Green Shoes, yellow sash belt, and a pink vest with a toucan embroidered on the back. Buys the other two girls a pink sash silk belt.
Krugeth: Buys pointy genie shoes of landing for 350 gp.
Eidos: Spends the day at the Cypher Lodge.

Wednesday, 25th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
Alien Attack
Zombie fight 200xp each, Krugeth gets 800 xp for 2 aliens, caleb gets 400 xp for children zombies, Grumbles and Krugeth get 200 xp each for akata.
Bitchel: Makes a donation to Father Padrich for healing, gets back to full health.
Krugeth: Makes some money off of the Akata corpses, selling them to the college.

Thursday, 26th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
High-Stakes Golem Game
A handful of the cities top crimelords are brought to the Gold Goblin for a game of High Stakes Golem. Grumbles stands in for Saul, with Krugeth as his bodyguard. Bitchel is made to be the hostess for the evening, with Eidos running security. Little does the party know Bitchel has been contracted secretly by Saul to assassinate Sharifa Pomadae and frame one of the other crimelords for the murder. She does so by poisoning Sharifa's tea, a Thuvian Desert Blend purchased specially from Old Fish, with Wolfsbane and poisoning herself with Oil of Taggit to knock herself out and allay suspicions.
Reward: 500 xp for each player for their parts in the tournament. Mike gets a bonus of 1000 gp a week for the next 4 weeks.

Player Ending XP Ending Gold Carried Weight
Caleb 4280 / 5000 (lvl 3) 1503 gp ? lbs
Jean 3165 / 5000 (lvl 3) 199gp 13sp 7cp  ? lbs
John 4315 / 5000 (lvl 3) 466gp 4sp 93 cp  ? lbs
Mike 3365/ 5000 (lvl 3) 1034gp 5 sp 60.5 lbs

Session 4: Pathfinder goes Digital

Session 4 Chat Log

Friday, 27th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR

Saturday, 28th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
Begins with attack on Foamrunner, steals crate of liquor back which provides a +6 bonus to next profit check.

Session 5:

Session 5 Chat Log
Saturday, 28th of Arodus (August), 4708 AR
After the attack on the Foamrunner in the afternoon.

Sunday, 1st of Rova (September), 4708 AR to 14th
Bitchel: Teaches at the Orphanage
Grumbles: Works on the orphanage, gambles a few days, heckles Krugeth at his lecture.
Krugeth: Gives a lecture at his church on non-violence, and then takes his vow.
Eidos: Retires from adventuring.
Roderick: Works at the casino, learning his trade
The casino is at Profit level 4 now, players earning 65 gp each, except Rod who makes 50gp.

Saturday. 14th of Rova
Raid on the Golden goblin
850xp, all enemies except one thief are incapacitated and able to be looted. Bitchel identifies amulet as having protective magic on it and calls dibs.
Gear: Amulet (Dibs for Bitchel), silver and platinum necklace, Monk Robes of Zon-Kuthon, 108 gp
x2 - chainmail, heavy steel shield, longsword, shortbow with 20 arrows
x2 - leather armor, rapier, daggers (4), shortbow with 15 arrows
x8 - studded leather armor, short sword

Session 6: Boneyard Ambush (Saul Screwed Us!)

Session 7: The one in which not much happened

Session 7 Chat Log
Begins sunday night, 15th of Rova
Arranges a "Going Away Party" for Saul, thursday at 8.
Avery Slegg is pressganged into the attack by Roderick, donating 4 archers, on the condition that he gets a 15% share from the future profits at the Gold Goblin and 20% of the storage space.
Boss Croat gives 2 thugs to help in the attack, out of a desire to strike back at Saul
"Shorafa" gives up two of her healers to the party, as she has a deep desire to see Saul punished, on the condition that the party does not ally with Zincher.
(Grumbles has a short secret conversation with a fly-man)

Session 8: Revenge Time

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