Deity AL Areas of Concern Domains Fav. Weapon
Abadar LN cities, wealth, merchants, law Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel crossbow
Achaekek LE the Red Mantis, assassination Death, Evil, Law, Trickery, War sawtooth sabre
Alseta LN doors, transitions, years Community, Law, Magic, Protection dagger
Angradd LG fire, war Fire, Good, Law, War greataxe
Apsu LG dragons, glory, leadership, peace Creation, Earth, Good, Law, Travel bite or quarterstaff
Asmodeus LE tyranny, slavery, pride, contracts Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery mace
Besmara CN piracy, strife, sea monsters Chaos, Trickery, War, Water, Weather rapier
Bolka NG love, beauty Charm, Good, Healing mace
Brigh N invention, clockwork Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge light hammer
Calistria CN trickery, lust, revenge Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery whip
Cayden Cailean CG Freedom, wine, bravery Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, Travel rapier
Chaldira Zuzaristan NG mischief, battle Good, Trickery, War short sword
Dahak CE destruction, dragons, evil, treachery Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Scalykind, Trickery bite or scourge
Desna CG dreams, stars, travelers, luck Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel starknife
Dranngvit LN vengeance Knowledge, Law light pick
Droskar NE toil, slavery, cheating Artifice, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery light hammer
Erastil LG farming, hunting, trade, family Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant longbow
Fandarra N birth, death, earth, knowledge Community, Death, Earth, Knowledge, Plant stone dagger
Findeladlara CG art, architecture, twilight Air, Chaos, Community, Creation, Good quarterstaff
Folgrit LG mothers, children, the hearth Community, Law, Nobility, Good quarterstaff
Ghlaunder CE parasites, infection, stagnation Air, Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil spear
Gorum CN strength, battle, weapons Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War greatsword
Gozreh N nature, weather, the sea Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather trident
Groetus CN empty places, ruins, oblivion Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Madness, Void heavy flail
Grundinnar LG friendship, loyalty Community, Good, Law hammer
Gyronna CE hatred, extortion, spite Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness dagger
Hadregash LE goblin supremacy, slavery, territory Law, Evil, Strength, War flail
Haggakal CE ogres, darkness, inbreeding Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength greatclub
Hanspur CN rivers, river travel Chaos, Death, Travel, Water trident
Iomedae LG valor, rulership, justice, honor Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War longsword
Irori LN history, knowledge, self-perfection Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength unarmed strike
Ketephys CG hunting, forestry, running, the moon Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant, Weather bow
Kols LN duty Law, Nobility hammer
Kurgess NG competition, bravery, sport Community, Good, Luck, Strength, Travel javelin
Lamashtu CE madness, monsters, nightmares Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery falchion
Magrim LN the underworld Law, Repose, Rune hammer
Milani CG hope, devotion, uprisings Chaos, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection morningstar
Minderhal LE creation, justice, giants, strength Artifice, Earth, Evil, Law, Strength hammer
Naderi N suicide, romantic tragedy, drowning Charm, Repose, Water dagger
Nethys N magic Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune quarterstaff
Nivi Rhombodazzle N gems, stealth, gambling Community, Earth, Luck, Trickery light hammer
Norgorber NE greed, secrets, poison, murder Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery short sword
Pharasma N fate, death, prophecy, birth Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water dagger
Rovagug CE wrath, disaster, destruction Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War, Weather greataxe
Sarenrae NG the sun, redemption, honesty, healing Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun scimitar
Shelyn NG beauty, art, love, music Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection glaive
Sivanah N illusions, reflections, mystery Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Rune, Trickery bladed scarf
Thamir Gixx CE greed, opportunity Chaos, Evil, Trickery dagger
Thremyr CE ice, salt, tribute Chaos, Evil, War, Water greataxe
Torag LG the forge, protection, strategy Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection warhammer
Trudd NG strength Good, Strength warhammer
Urazra CE battle, brutality, strength Animal, Chaos, Evil, Strength, War claw or spiked gauntlet
Urgathoa NE gluttony, disease, undeath Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, War scythe
Venkelvore NE famine, graves, torture Death, Destruction, Evil spear
Ydersius CE serpentfolk, immortality, poison Animal, Chaos, Evil, Nobility, Scalykind dagger
Yuelral NG magic, crystals, jewelers Artifice, Good, Knowledge, Magic dagger
Zarongel NE dog killing, fire, mounted combat Animal, Evil, Fire, Travel dogslicer
Zogmugot CE drowning, flotsam, scavenging Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Water sickle
Zon-Kuthon LE envy, pain, darkness, loss Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law spiked chain
Zursvaater LE conquest, slavery, weapons Evil, Fire, Law, Trickery, War greatsword
Zyphus NE accidental death, graveyards, tragedy Death, Destruction, Evil, Plant, War heavy pick
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