Skull And Shackles Recap

Session 1 (You wake up in a bag)

The party awakens after having been abducted during a good night's drinking, accurately surmising when they awaken that they had been drugged with Oil of Taggit by the ship's first mate. The captain gives a quick introduction and then the first mate assigns them their duties. They meet Sandara Quinn, who gives them some of their belongings which she managed to acquire for them, and then they go about their first day without significant issues. Caleb attempts to influence Riaris Krine by bragging up his weaponry knowledge while swabbing the deck, but fails. John attempts to influence the ship surgeon, Habbly Quarne, but doesn't make much discernible headway beyond Habbly acknowledging that John does have some medical skill he could potentially use. At the end of the day they watch a thief get keelhauled, and spend the night entertaining themselves with various diversions; or in Mike's character's case, converting to worshipping Besmara. John loses an armwrestling match, and Caleb wins a game of Hog Toss by a long margin. Berthelot sneaks around the ship later and casts grease on the stairs, and Caleb also sneaks into someone's locker and steals a handful of gold pieces.

Characters Met: Captain Barnabas Harrigan, Master Scourge (Ship Boatswain/ Master-at-arms); Mister Plugg (First Mate);
Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop (Cook); Sandara Quinn (Swab and fellow impressee)
Riaris Krine (Master Gunner); Habbly Quarne, the “Stitchman” (ship’s surgeon and carpenter)

Locations/Ships: Port Peril, Wormwood (Ship)

XP Gain: 100 XP each
Booty Gained
Caleb: 15gp, 15 sp, 2 garnets worth 10 gp each
Matt: 2 Agates worth 10 gp each
John: Peacock feather
Mike: Vial of antitoxin

Session 2 "I see your club, and raise you a Gnome!"

Guys get whipped a lot, really a lot. The four get into a fight with Aretta Bansion, Fipps Chumlett, Jaundiced Jape, and Slippery Sy Lonegan. They stomp the crap out of them, and then spend the next couple days making thinly veiled plays making fun of the four of them. Jimmy (Caleb) goes around the ship making connections and friends, setting up his own still and getting favors in exchange for liquor, medical supplies and whatnot. John wins an armwrestling match with Jack Scrimshaw, which catches the attention of Rosie Cusswell.
Mike gets in a fight on deck with Owlbear Hartshorn, the ship simpleton, and finishes the fight by grabbing John's character by the foot and beating the Owlbear unconscious with his body.
They sail through a massive storm, working all night. John and Rosie fall overboard and are saved by Caleb throwing a rope to them. Bert falls asleep at work and gets whipped profusely.
The PCs, with Rosie Cusswell, are finally tasked to go collect crabs from a nearby reef and get in a fight with 5 reefclaws. Bert, who just successfully fought off an alcohol addiction, gets poisoned and brought down to 9 str.

Relationship changes
Ambrose Kroop - Helpful (Bert), Friendly (Caleb)
Grok - Helpful(Caleb, for providing with liquor), unfriendly (Bert)
Habbly Quarne (Surgeon) - Friendly (John, for being a healer), Friendly (Caleb, for providing with medical supplies)
Rosie Cusswell - Friendly (John), Helpful (Caleb)
Jaundiced Jape - Absolutely Hateful to Mike and Bert for the plays

Plays performed for crew
The Ballad of Pantomime
What do you do with a stupid sailor
Dumbo the Whore
I see your club and raise you a gnome (Unperformed, planned)

XP Gain: 400 xp for Caleb for swaying Grok, 200 xp for Rosie and Ambrose, 50xp for setting up the still.
100 xp for Mike for awesome fight move using a gnome, 200 xp for fight itself
200 xp for John's influencing
200 xp for Bert's influencing
50 xp for Mike and Bert performances.
500 xp for all for Reefclaw fight

Session 3: An Introduction to Pirate Life

XP Gain:
Sailors killed x8 =1600 xp
Officers Killed x3 = 1800 xp
Total - 3400/5 = 700xp each (Rounded off)

Loot: 300gp each, amulet of natural armor +1, +1 short sword, three potions of cure moderate wounds and a potion of invisibility
Plus gift worth 100 gp to Caleb and John (Potions for Caleb)

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